How do I join the brony fandom?

To many, a brony is simply an individual who likes the show and engages with the fandom.

You may already be a brony and not even know it!

If not, a good place to start is by watching the show itself.

If you're in it for the long-haul:

Season one, episode one! Prepare to binge, there's years worth of pony waiting for you.

If you just want to get your feet wet without jumping in:

Try some of the following episodes. They're not in any order, so pick ones that sounds appealing to you.

Pinkie Pride [S4 E12]

Possibly the most fun episode of the show! Pinkie Pie finally meets a pony with party-planning skills to rival her own, and a goofiness show-down ensues. Featuring the one and only "Weird Al" Yankovic!

A Canterlot Wedding [S2 E25+26]

If you haven't already been spoiled by what happens in this episode, you're in for a treat! This aired at a time where the show was starting to get serious with production value and the fandom's hype was at an all-time high. Expect equal parts wedding drama and...action?

The Saddle Row Review [S6 E9]

Praised for its non-linear storytelling; Rarity opens a new fashion store in Manehattan which leads to her reading a revealing newspaper review. This episode is a good example of a solid "slice of life" episode. No monsters, no battles, just cute ponies doing cute pony things.

It's About Time
[S2 E20]

Twilight Sparkle meets herself from the future warning of impending disaster. Will Twilight be able to save the world in time, or will her panic and anxiety end up being the real disaster?

The Cutie Mark Chronicles [S1 E23]

This is a season one episode which packs a lot of backstory and character development. Watch the Mane Six discover their cutie marks in backstories which ultimately affect the very foundation of the show.

Party of One [S1 E25]

This was the episode where most bronies first went "holy crap, who knew a show called My Little Pony could get so real so fast?" It turns out Pinkie Pie's bright, cheery, and lovable exterior acts as a facade for a darker, much less pleasant interior.

Sonic Rainboom
[S1 E16]

The earliest episode of the show on this list [unless you start at episode one of course.] Featuring everyone's favorite rainbow pegasus! Rainbow Dash enters a prestigious competition to show off her skills to her life-long heroes, but Rarity also has plans.

The Return of Harmony [S2 E1+2]

The Mane Six battle one of the show's most memorable and formidable foes in this two-part epic. This marked the beginning of a new season at a time where bronies weren't even sure we'd be getting one. First episode to feature John De Lancie of Star Trek fame!

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