Popular Brony Terms, Phrases, and Words – Glossary

The brony fandom has been around for many years and has hundreds of episodes to quote and reference. Because of this and the very nature of being an internet fandom, we have a lot of inside jokes and made-up words!

It can be overwhelming as a newcomer or even as a long-time fan to figure out the meaning and backstory behind our “bronyspeak language.” Lets explore some of the more popular terms, phrases, and words below!

The following are just some of the most popular things that many bronies either actively use or at least know about. References and inside jokes are produced practically on a weekly basis, but we’ve selected some of the ones that stuck over time. Scroll down to the bottom of our list for links to a few other helpful resources.

Whatisabrony.com Glossary

Last updated 10/29/17
/) Brohoof emoticon [See Brohoof; brofist]
/)_- Facehoof emoticon [See Facehoof; facepalm]
20% Cooler Reference to a line from season 1 episode 14 "Suited for Success." In it, Rarity is designing dresses for her friends. Rainbow Dash has the strangely specific yet vague request of making her dress "20% cooler."
Alicorn Alicorn refers to a pony that has both wings and a horn. It was initially popularized by fans but is now in use by the show.
And that's how Equestria was made Reference to a line from season 1 episode 23 "The Cutie Mark Chronicles." Pinkie Pie tells an unrelated story and ends it with this line suddenly.
Anypony Another word for "anyone."
Blank flank Ponies are born without cutie marks [the mark on their rear] and receive the mark when they discover their special talent or purpose. Blank Flank refers to a young or inexperienced pony.
Brohoof The brony version of a bro-fist. Often used as a greeting, similar to a handshake or wave.
Brony Portmanteau of "bro" and "pony." See Whatisabrony.com 😉
Buck Literally refers to a horse kicking with their back legs. Sometimes used as an euphemism for the F word.
But I didn't listen! Reference to a line from season 5 episode 2 "The Cutie Map – Part 2." Party Favor exclaims this line while making a hilariously exaggerated "derp" face.
Button Mash A fan character which appeared as a background pony in the show to be later named and popularized by the fandom. The most well-known fan interpretation of this character was a series pilot called "Button's Adventures" created by Jan Animations. Jan ran into legal trouble due to his use of the show's characters in his fan-animations so Button Mash is now commonly associated with Hasbro's legal over-defensiveness.
Celestia Princess Celestia is Equestria's ruler. Despite not being entirely accurate, she is often viewed as a goddess and her name is sometimes used for emphasis in place of "god" or "goodness." Examples: "Oh my Celestia!" "As Celestia as my witness!" "I can't send her off to Celestia knows where!"
Clop or Clopping Literally refers to the sound of hooves coming into contact with the ground or another surface [for example, the equivalent of clapping with hooves] but it is primarily used as a sexually explicit term. You've been warned.
Colt Another word for "boy."
Coming out of the stable Reference to "coming out of the closet" sometimes used to refer to the moment a brony tells their friends or family they like ponies.
Crush, Kill, Destroy, Swag Reference to the fan animation "MAGIC.MOV" by hotdiggedydemon in which a robotic version of Rainbow Dash chants the phrase repeatedly. Very popular with fandom musical remixes and convention flashmobs.
Cupcakes Literally refers to the baked good. Alternatively, Cupcakes refers to one of the earliest and most infamous fanfictions which became known for its use of gore and a over-the-top grimdark story.
Cute-ceañera or Cutecaeñera A party or celebration for a pony which recently received their cutie mark. The name is a play on quinceañera, a celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday in parts of Latin America. First referenced in season 1 episode 12 "Call of the Cutie."
Cutie Mark The image or symbol which appears on a pony flank when they discover their special talent or destiny. Receiving the mark is viewed as a "coming of age" milestone in every pony's life and is highly celebrated.
Derpy or Derpy Hooves A fan-favorite pony that appeared in the background of the very first episode. Intended as a joke by an animator, Derpy's eyes were reverse-crossed [aka derped] and this detail was quickly spotted by early bronies. The story of Derpy and the rollercoaster of events she endured is complicated, but to make a long story short she's a beloved character that was popularized by bronies and exists in the show today as a shout-out to the fandom.
Eight foot candy cane In season 2 episode 11 "Hearth's Warming Eve" Twilight Sparkle and friends play a game of "I spy." One of the things she calls out is "an 8 foot candy cane." This seemingly unexceptionable line in fact became a popular unit of measurement to compare Equestria to the real world.
Episode 100 Episode 9 season 5 "Slice of Life" was the 100th episode of the show. It was a constant barrage of fandom references which escalated to an absurd level of wackiness and hilarity. Some view it as a love letter to the fandom, others view it as the show's "shark jumping" moment.
EQD Acronym for Equestria Daily; a long-running brony blog with daily posts for news and media.
EQG Acronym for Equestria Girls; a humanized spinoff of My Little Pony which sets the characters in an alternate universe at a high school.
Everypony Another word for "everyone." Does not refer specifically to ponies although the word is almost exclusively used by ponies.
Facehoof Another word for "face-palm."
Filly Another word for "girl."
Flank A pony's hindquarters; where their cutie marks appear.
Foal Another word for "baby."
FoE or Fallout Equestria Fallout Equestria is a massive 607,282 word fanfiction based in the Fallout video game universe crossed over with My Little Pony. It is a mature fanfiction with countless spinoffs and side-projects. It practically has its own fandom within the brony fandom.
Fun! Fun! Fun! In season 3 episode 3 "Too many Pinkie Pies" Pinkie Pie finds a way to duplicate herself. The resulting Pinkie Pie army frequently chants the word "fun" repeatedly which prompts bronies to do the same during convention flashmobs.
Gak During the end of season 2 when the show was rapidly gaining popularity the network which aired it at the time was having trouble finding advertisers. Because of this, back-to-back "Gak" commercials played during the breaks of a few pony episodes. The number of Gak commercials was so comically disproportionate in quantity to other commercials in that it quickly became a joke within the brony fandom. Gak is a Nickelodeon slime toy which was popular in the 90s and later made a comeback.
Glim Glam Playful name for Starlight Glimmer.
Hay Euphemism often used by the show and sometimes fans in place of "heck" or "hell." For example: "what the hay?"
Horse famous Used to refer to well-known members of the fandom. It is both used in earnest and ironically, but the former is frowned upon by some.
Horseapples Interjection used for emphasis. Example: "Oh horseapples!"
Let's fly to the castle! Reference to a soundclip from a Princess Celestia toy which sounds comically out-of-character. Popularized by the three-second "LET'S FLY TO THE CASTLE" video by Viva Reverie.
LoE or Legends of Equestria A brony-made MMO video game.
Love and Tolerate One of the original brony phrases, often claimed to be our motto. Sometimes used ironically, sometimes used in earnest.
Mane 6 or Mane Six Refers to the main six characters of the show. Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Fluttershy. Mane6 is also the name of a brony game studio which was well known for creating "Fighting is Magic" before Hasbro demanded it be taken down.
Mare Another word for "woman."
My Little Dashie A very early and well-known fanfiction in which Rainbow Dash is sent to our world to be found by a lonely human. The human raises her as his daughter and the story focuses on their bonding. Popular both as an early fanfiction but also for being very sad. Further popularized by StormXF3's live action mini-movie of the same title and story.
Nopony Another word for "no one."
Oatmeal? Are you crazy? Reference to a line from season 1 episode 3 "The Ticket Master." This line is blurted out by Pinkie Pie suddenly and without context, prompting it to become a purposefully nonsensical phrase to exclaim.
OC Acronym for "Original Character." Not specific to bronies or ponies, but often used to refer to a custom designed character.
Orbital Friendship Cannon An early brony meme which uses clips or screenshots of Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom event or the mushroom cloud explosion from season 2 episode 3 "Lesson Zero" to indicate the destruction of hate.
Parasprite Parasprites are an insect-like creature first introduced in season 1 episode 10 "Swarm of the Century." They are known for eating and rapidly reproducing. The word is sometimes used within the fandom to refer to trolls or haters. For example: "Don't feed the parasprites" means "don't respond to the haters."
Pass The Plushie The act of handing a pony plushie person-to-person within a group. Began when a documentary-style video instructed a group of bronies to do this as filler footage to represent a brony activity. Pass The Plushie was never an actual activity before this video but it jokingly became one during brony meetups and conventions soon after.
Plot Literal definition aside, this has come to refer to a pony's hindquarters within the fandom. The source of this meaning is largely from anime. Some people jokingly claim to watch anime for its "plot" while actually referring to cleavage or similar appeal. Within the brony fandom this joke has been repurposed to refer to a pony's rear.
PMV Acronym for "Pony Music Video."
Pone Sometimes pronounced as "pony," sometimes pronounced with emphasis on "e," and sometimes pronounced as it's read. Simply a playful word for pony.
Ponified or Ponify To take something that is not pony-related and make it so. For example but not limited to: Designing a pony character to look like another character from a different property entirely.
Ponk Playful name for Pinkie Pie. Combines "Pinkie" and "Pronk."
Pony Creator An online Flash tool used to create custom pony character designs. Since it was around since the beginning of the fandom, many brony's original characters were first designed with this tool. There are many similar tools but the original was made by generalzoi on DeviantArt.
Pony-feathers Interjection used for emphasis. Example: "Oh pony-feathers!"
Ponysona An original pony character based on a real person, often the individual creating the character. Similar to "OC" but usually tied to a real-world persona.
Princess In the show "princess" does not imply the existence of a queen or king, but rather princesses are the highest form of government and leadership in Equestria. [See Alicorn] During the show's original development Hasbro feared the title of "Queen" was too often used for villians and wasn't marketable enough. While absurd in hindsight, it gave Equestria a rather unique bit of lore.
Rainbow Factory An infamous grimdark fanfiction which popularized the rather dark fan-theory that rainbows are made from ponies themselves. Specifically, pegasi that are too weak to work at the weather factory are sent to the Rainbow Factory.
Scootaloo is a chicken Reference to a line from season 1 episode 17 "Stare Master." The Cutie Mark Crusaders are looking for a chicken, and Scootaloo corrects Apple Bloom's chicken-calling abilities which prompts Apple Bloom to call Scootaloo herself a chicken for being such an expert on the subject.
Seapony or Seaponies A race of underwater pony seen in an older generation of My Little Pony from the 80s. Seaponies make a more recent appearance in the 2017 My Little Pony movie.
Smile HD or Cupcakes HD Refers to fan-animation infamous for its violence, gore, and shock value. Hasbro removed the original uploads but copies still exist.
Somepony Another word for "someone."
Sonic Rainboom An event similar to a sonic boom but with an accompanying rainbow which is created when Rainbow Dash flies very fast. Can refer to a number of specific things: 1. The season 1 episode 16 episode of the same title. 2. A fan-made animation called "Double Rainboom," which made the sonic rainboom a central element of its story. 3. The original sonic rainboom created by Rainbow Dash as a filly which caused substantial effects across Equestria and shaped the main characters' future indirectly.
Special Somepony or SSP A boyfriend or girlfriend. Used by the show in season 2 episode 17 "Hearts and Hooves Day."
Stallion Another word for "man."
Sweep! Sweep! Sweep! Reference to season 6 episode 9 "The Saddle Row Review." Twilight explains to her friends that anything can be fun if you make it so, and proceeds to sweep the floor while chanting the words "sweep" and dancing. This was very popular with fandom musical remixes and convention flashmob chants.
Sweetie Bot A fan-made abridged series known as "Friendship is Witchcraft" popularized a character by this name [portrayed by Sweetie Belle.] Sweetie Bot is a robot pony which behaves blatantly like a robot but neither it nor the ponies around it know it's a robot.
Ten seconds flat Reference to a line from season 1 episode 1 "Friendship is Magic, part 1." Rainbow Dash clears the sky much quicker than Twilight Sparkle expects her to. Used by fans to refer to something done quickly, or ironically slowly.
The fun has been doubled! Reference to a line from season 2 episode 4 "Luna Eclipsed." Princess Luna exclaims this line during a moment of excitement, prompting bronies to do the same especially when twos of something are relevant to the joke.
The Royal Canterlock Voice Reference to season 2 episode 4 "Luna Eclipsed." Princess Luna is re-introduced to the citizens of Ponyville after being away for a thousand years. The old ways of using "The Royal Canterlot Voice" [Canterlot being the capital city of Equestria] are long gone and Luna must learn to use a quieter and less intimidating tone. Canterlock specifically is a brony joke in reference to the caps lock key which is often used to INDICATE YELLING.
Tia or Celly Playful name for Princess Celestia. Sometimes refers to her as a child.
Twicane or Twilight's Scepter A golden scepter created by Discord in season 4 episode 2 "Princess Twilight Sparkle – Part 2" in order to mock Twilight's newfound regality. At the top of the scepter is a caricature of Twilight Sparkle making a goofy expression.
Twilight's Wings or Twicorn Twilight Sparkle wasn't always a princess. Prior to season 3's finale, Twilight didn't even have wings. This event was of great significance to the show and at the time many bronies feared it signified the series finale. Twicorn is a portmanteau of "Twilight" and "Alicorn." [See Alicorn.]
Woona Playful name for Princess Luna. Sometimes refers to her as a child.


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