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Last time we listed off some of the greatest animations in the brony community. Today, we are going to take a look at another source of creativity coming from the fandom. Namely, the music. Our list will contain all kinds of songs ranging from fandom classics to unknown gems. With a variety of genres and styles this list is bound to contain something for everyone.

Our list… below!

This list is not in any order, nor is it even close to being complete. Feel free to check out whichever songs catch your interest. Want to view them all? Here’s a YouTube playlist!


The Gypsy Bard – Extended (Unofficial/Fanmade) by Sherclop Pones

Let’s kick off the list with a fandom classic. The Gypsy Bard originally aired in a short segment of Sherclop Pones popular parody series “Friendship is Witchcraft” back in 2012. The version of the song we’ve decided to feature is a fanmade extended version of said song, without any pesky dialogue interrupting the catchy tune that will be stuck in your head for weeks.  The creators should be proud considering this song currently holds over four-and-a-half million views. Despite the song’s playfully dark subject matter it remains one of the fandom’s biggest classics  5 years after being originally posted.


Discord (Remix) – Eurobeat Brony by The Living Tombstone

It is safe to say that The Living Tombstone is a talented musician and this remix is a testament to that statement. Uploaded in early 2012 this song is, just like The Gypsy Bard- a fandom classic. Currently holding a mind-blowing 24 million views, it’s arguably one of the brony community’s greatest work. It is worth mentioning that this is a remix of another song originally uploaded by Eurobeat Brony (now goes under the name Odyssey Eurobeat) 3 months prior, which we recommend you to give a listen to as well.


Lullaby for a Princess by ponyphonic

This music video definitely has one of the best musical scores you can find in the fandom. The writing is nothing short of brilliant. The song is re-telling the story behind the two royal sisters and their past with each other. This video in particular holds a particular remixed version of the song made specifically for the animation (which took over 2 years to finish!) but if you want to listen to the original, and slightly longer version, you can do it here.


Crusader (Are We There Yet) by BlackGryphon & Baasik

Both BlackGryphon and Baasik outdid themselves with this song, and there are many more songs like these on their respective channels, so we recommend you to check them out.


Anthropology by AwkwardMarina

What do you get when you take a headcanon and turn it into a musical? A fantastic piano score of course! Anthropology is another brony song on the older side based on a popular fanfiction with the same name. It’s about one of the background characters in the show who has some kind of obsessive interest in humans. The song has a catchy and simple tune that is hard to not appreciate.


Midnight Frenzy by Duo Cartoonist

No top musical list would be complete without at least one Disney track. Even though there are no Disney songs relating to My Little Pony, Midnight Frenzy is a perfect supplement. It was originally made as part of a bigger project by Duo Cartoonist, but unfortunately it had to be cancelled. This song is a remnant of said project, with a symphony that captures the sense of adventure you’d get from classic Disney songs. It is difficult not to like it, especially if you grew up with Disney.


Love Me Cheerilee (cover) by Lenich & Kirya

This is the only cover on the list, but it might as well be its own song. Since uploaded in 2012, the song Love Me Cheerilee has garnered a great level of popularity from the fandom, to the point of becoming, you guessed it: a fandom classic. Then, almost 3 years later Lenich & Kirya uploaded a cover that is almost unrecognizable to the original, changing it into what can only be described as electro/glitch hop, to Russian folk song. It is catchy, refreshing and overall great.


Awoken by H8 Seed and WoodenToaster

It is very hard to understand how this song is related to ponies if you hear the song without any context. WoodenToaster has a rather interesting style in making music and Awoken is no exception. Being a style that can best be described as “electro dubstep hop”, it’s very unique and is surprisingly hard to stop listening to once you have started.


Brony polka (Weird Al Style Medley) by AnimatedJames

The title pretty much explains itself. This beautiful tribute to the fandom by AnimatedJames is a massive polka medley containing a lot of classical songs from the fandom, some of which you might recognize as some of the other songs listed here. Unlike Weird Al’s medleys, which are usually about 3 minutes long each, this medley is a whopping 9 minutes and 20 seconds long! This gives it time and space to include a huge list of brony songs. If you have any interest in exploring even more songs from the fandom (once you have finished reading this list, of course) then the video description of this video is a great place to start since it links to every single song featured in the medley.


Loyalty by MandoPony and AcousticBrony

Speaking of songs in the medley, we’ve got another one right here! Loyalty is probably one of MandoPonys most iconic songs, racking up over 2.3 million views! The topic of this song can best be described as summary of Rainbow Dash. The tone of the piece is perfectly fitting her with catchy and energetic rock’n roll to complement the character. The song, just like Rainbow Dash, screams “fast” and will have you keep listening on repeat for a very long time.


MLP Fighting is Magic – Twilight Sparkle Stage Theme by RC88

Game music! This list would not be complete without displaying something from many people’s favorite form of entertainment. This stage theme was made by RC88 as part of a bigger game project called “Fighting is Magic.” The game was originally developed by Mane6 (yes, that is what they called themselves), but unfortunately ended up being shut down. Luckily their cancelled project caught the eyes of the creator of Friendship is Magic, Lauren Faust, and they are now working on a new game called “Them’s Fightin’s Herds”. The only remnants of the original game however are the stage themes, which can all be found here for anyone interested.


Friendship (MLP Song) by Aviators

Looking through all the featured songs thus far it was only a matter of time until this list included a more somber composition. Friendship is Aviator’s most popular song, holding over 1.4 million views! Unlike most songs relating to MLP which usually talk about how great friendship is, this one is a much darker story about losing friends. With a fantastically beautiful and emotional symphony it perfectly hammers home the somber feeling one might hold after losing someone they once stood close to. Most people can probably relate to the message of this song, on some form of level. We recommend all our readers to check out more of his great work.


Untill the Sun by &I, Replacer and Feather Vocals

This great collaboration between &I, Replacer and Feathers has an interesting but soothing rhythm that you won’t find in many other songs.  It is hard to actually pinpoint what genre this song would fit into, thanks to the pure uniqueness of the track. But in the end what matters is the song itself and it’s nothing but a beautiful work of art thanks to all three collaborators. We strongly recommend everyone to check out their individual channels, &I, Replacer and Feathers.


Boooring! by Assertive

In all honesty, there is not much to say about this one. It’s simply a great remix by a great artist, taking a simple phrase uttered in the show and turned into an entire song. It’s simply catchy, and once more it’s a song you can listen to whether you are a fan of MLP or not. But whether you like it or not, we can all agree that this remix is far from boring.


Firelight by Aurelleah and Kadenza

Some songs are set out to try and set a tone, and succeeds perfectly. Fireflight is a good example of this. With a catchy electric beat mixed with some beautiful orchestral music you cannot help but feel like you are in the midst of enjoying a happy summer night. It just makes you want to go out and dance. Combining Aurelleah’s and Kadenza’s musical styles to create an electronic symphony the results are nothing but amazing.


Not a Second Late by JoshSaysStuff

Let’s end this list with a hidden gem. Not a Second Late is a sweet love story between two of the fandom’s favorite background ponies. Both of these beloved characters are given a fanon backstory. It is a very lighthearted and uplifting song, not too sappy or dramatic. JoshSaysStuff has made a few more songs as well. Here is a playlist in case you are interested.


Thank you to Danatron1 for compiling this list for Whatisabrony! Check out his original YouTube playlist here.


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