Season 7: Episode 14 – Fame and Misfortune – Viewing Guide

Season 7 of My Little Pony is upon us! Last week’s episodes were viewed many weeks early thanks to our friends in Australia so many would consider THIS to be the first new episode of the mid-season premiere. We won’t go too heavy with spoilers but ponies arguing is always a fun premise because we get to witness their hilarious antics with full knowledge that they’ll all be friends again by the end.

This episode happens to be airing during the largest brony meetup in the world; BronyCon! Let’s hope those of us there right now can find a way to view it.

More information + places to watch the episode below!

Episode viewing guide

As mentioned above, this week’s episode is technically our first new one after the hiatus. No doubt the stream parties will be at maximum hype!


Fame and Misfortune airs on Discovery Family August 12th at 11:30am eastern time. The My Little Pony marathon starts at 10:00am eastern.

Click here to view the airtime in your local timezone.

Can’t tune in on TV?
Common brony live streams:

BronyState | The Brony Network | PonySpazz | Hasbromlp | BronyTVOtaku Ascended

We can’t guarantee any of these streams are showing the episode but give ’em a try an hour or so before the episode airs to find one you like.


Episodes are often uploaded by fans shortly after they air, but typically fan-uploaded episodes are promptly taken down. Be sure to check iTunes for the high quality legitimate version a couple days after the episode airs. Alternatively, you can try common streaming sites below for fan-uploads.

YouTube search | Dailymotion search

Both websites often have fake scam videos so be careful when searching for episodes and don’t click links to places you don’t trust.

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