Season 7 Episode 13 – The Perfect Pear – Post-ep Roundup

The second episode of the mid-season premiere double-episode special! Also…one of the ones that aired early in Australia, which is kind of unfortunate considering how special this one is. This could very well end up being the biggest episode of the season regardless of the airdate confusion though!

Let’s take a look at the fandom’s thoughts below!

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Applejack, Apple Bloom, and Big McIntosh learn about their parents' love story and discover that they are half-Pear.

Our thoughts

Wow. For years we have been teased about the status and backstory of the Apple family’s parents. The show has never expressly mentioned it but it was always assumed due to subtle hints and staff reveals on the internet that the Apple family parents were deceased. Surely the show staff are setting themselves up for a storyline that could never be told on a TV-Y cartoon, right?

Today’s episode takes things one step further. No more subtle hints about their parents, here’s a full-length flashback episode!

Our opening scene introduces a very significant special guest… William Shatner! He plays the new character Grand Pear. It’s soon revealed to us that the Apple family and Pear family have a long-standing rivalry dating back to before many of the characters we know and love were even born.

This prompts the episode to explain the story behind the rivalry, which leads us right into the highlight: Applejack’s parents were once on opposite sides of the family feud. That’s right, it’s a Romeo and Juliet story.

You can probably already understand where that takes the episode. Two ponies that are supposed to hate each other because of family ties fall in love and get married much to their parents’ disapproval.

What makes this episode special is the fact that we’re seeing the Apple family parents at all, let alone getting a classic emotional tale involving the two. The show doesn’t directly tell us that they’re dead or how it happened, but it’s so heavily implied in addition to the Romeo and Juliet parallels that fans have finally gotten what we’ve wanted for so long and in a way we never expected.

Sure, in season six’s Crusaders of the Lost Mark Applejack drops a “if mom and dad were here” line, but most fans thought that would be the most we’d get. Surprise, here’s a massive flashback episode with two special guests. Not only does William Shatner voice Grand Pear, but we also have Felicia Day voicing AJ’s mom, Pear Butter.

While some may criticize the episode for being “another Romeo and Juliet” cliche, there’s no denying that this is a well put together episode that answers a lot of questions and gives us some closure to a rather somber storyline that’s been subtly woven throughout the show.

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