Season 7 Episode 12 – Discordant Harmony – Post-ep Roundup

Welcome back season 7! Here’s an episode with more of the Fluttershy & Discord dynamic. Their friendship is a strange one, with one character enjoying calm tea parties while the other has a history of enslaving the world and unleashing chaos.

We see a couple interesting character developments in this one. Let’s take a look at the fandom’s reaction below!

MLP Wiki premise

Discord invites Fluttershy to his realm for tea, but he worries she won't 
be comfortable there and begins to change it—and himself.

Our thoughts

Discord’s chaotic nature truly shines in this episode. The opening scene in the episode shows Discord eating the crust of sandwiches already removed from their counterpart. Shortly after that he reaches for the crust-less version of the sandwiches but just as you think he’s going to pick one up his fingers detach from his hand, grow tiny heads matching his own, and begin to munch on the sandwiches for him.

“You really do make the best finger foods” he says.

If you’re new here and learning about Discord’s character for the first time, that’s quite the apt introduction. Even for long-time fans Discord continues to surprise us with his chaotic craziness.

We’d be here all day if this post was nothing but a list of the weird things Discord does in this episode. Thankfully, there’s actually quite a bit more to talk about.

The opening scene establishes the setup for the episode: Discord realizes he’s only ever been to Fluttershy’s home to visit and that he should invite Fluttershy to his own place. Sound like a boring setup? Well, Discord is special. He doesn’t live in Equestria. He doesn’t even live in the same dimension. Discord’s home is in a chaotic universe that would surely terrify any common pony, especially one afraid of her own shadow.

The next stage of the episode serves three purposes for Discord: running errands for his upcoming tea party, talking to ponies for advice, and continuing his cartoony madness for our entertainment. Finally, Discord gathers what he needs and returns home to prepare. It’s here that he truly realizes the gravity of the situation- or in his case, the lack thereof. He wants to provide a calm and welcoming environment for his timid pony friend; a stark contrast to his own inherent nature.

With the help of his multiple personalities which manifest in physical form to assist with chores Discord successfully sets up the most average tea party one can imagine. Fluttershy soon arrives at his doorstep and immediately she can tell something is wrong.

More than half of the episode up to this point was spent hearing Discord talk mostly to himself and do impossibly zany things. Once Fluttershy arrives however, the deeper meaning of the episode and the eventual moral soon becomes apparent.

Discord changed himself so dramatically to impress his friend that he literally endangers his own life. Because he’s a spirit of chaos, he lives due to the presence of the unconventional. He created a tea party so boring that he begins to fade from existence. You might say he’s literally dying of boredom.

Fluttershy quickly realizes what’s going on and goes out of her comfort zone to provide Discord the discord he needs to live. It’s hilarious to see her behave in such a silly manner but it’s also touching to witness just how important their friendship is to each of them. Both Discord and Fluttershy do things they normally wouldn’t do to help the other with the eventual understanding that the best friend accepts you for the way you are.

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