Redditor Analyzes Entire Show to Discover Which Ponies Are Mentioned Most

In true Redditor fashion, user “def_init_self” wrote a script to process the show’s entire transcript and figure out which pony speaks another’s name and how often.

Why you ask? Because data is magic!

Reddit post below.

Analyzing the entire MLP:FiM transcript to figure out who mentions each other most! from mylittlepony

The graphs

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Here’s a link to the original post in case there’s a problem with the embeds.

If you’re not already subscribed to the r/MyLittlePony subreddit, consider doing so! It’s a great brony resource and we can’t possibly share all of the awesome stuff that gets posted there.

Surely this fandom’s interest in random yet fascinating data would make Twilight Sparkle proud.

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