Season 7 Returns! Discordant Harmony & The Perfect Pear – Viewing Guide

Pony fans rejoice! After a little more than a month-long hiatus, season seven of My Little Pony is back! This marks the blog’s very first venture into weekly episode reporting. Stop by in the future for episode guide posts like this one as well as a roundup of the fandom’s reactions and thoughts.

More information + places to watch the episode below!

Episode viewing guide

For those unaware, these two episodes have aired early in Australia June 20th and 21st. Because of this, a fan-uploaded versions are already available on the web. However, many fans prefer to wait for the US release to join brony stream parties.


Season Seven of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” Continues with 15 New Magical Episodes Beginning Saturday, August 5 at 11:30a/10:30c on Discovery Family

Both episodes are scheduled to air back-to-back on Discovery Family August 5th at 11:30am eastern time. There’s also a pony marathon to celebrate season 7’s return starting at 8:00am eastern!

Click here to view the airtime in your local timezone.

Can’t tune in on TV?
Common brony live streams:

BronyState | The Brony Network | PonySpazz | Hasbromlp | BronyTVOtaku Ascended

We can’t guarantee any of these streams are showing the episode but give ’em a try an hour or so before the episode airs to find one you like.


Episodes are often uploaded by fans, but fan-uploaded episodes are promptly taken down due to copyright infringement. Be sure to check iTunes for the high quality & legally downloadable version a couple days after the episode airs. Alternatively, you can try common streaming sites below for fan-uploads.

Discordant Harmony:
YouTube search | Dailymotion search

The Perfect Pear:
YouTube search | Dailymotion search

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