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Below the break we’ll take a look at just a fraction of the amazing brony animations the fandom has created over the years. If this is your first time viewing them, you’re in for a treat. However, even if you’re a long-time brony be sure to give this post a look to see if there is anything you missed or if you want to relive past favorites.

This list is not in any order, nor is it even close to being complete. Feel free to check out whichever catch your interest. Want to view them all? Here’s a YouTube playlist!

Once Upon a Time in Canterlot by kanashiipanda

As if fan animations weren’t loved enough in the fandom, Kanashiipanda’s work is even more special thanks to the unique frame-by-frame animation. With over six million views, it’s quite safe to say this brilliantly choreographed fight scene is appreciated by all. Be sure to check out the sequel titled “Guardian” too!

MLP:FIM [Animation] “Apple Thief” by BrutalWeather

All of BrutalWeather‘s animations are worth a look. The animation quality often matches and sometimes even surpases that of the show’s. With influence from older cartoons combined with a unique take on the show’s style, this channel is sure to be remembered as being among the best of the best.

Button’s Adventures – Episode Pilot by Jan Animation Studios

You know a fan-made animation is great when the creator is served with a cease and desist letter! Although that bit of news is extremely unfortunate, Hasbro’s legal action against this amazing animator is a testament to the popularity and quality of his work. We’re not quite sure why this is still on YouTube after all of the legal drama so if it’s missing by the time you read this you may have to search for a re-upload.

Epic Wub Time: Musicians of Ponyville by Alligator Tub Productions

This is one of the fandom’s earliest and best-received animations. The concept of DJ-Pon3 and Octavia being roommates became so popular that it was even confirmed in the show itself as a friendly nod to bronies. Whether that was solely influenced by this animation or not we may never know for sure, but the viewcount and popularity of the concept shown here is more than enough to call it one of the fandom’s top animations.

I Am Octavia [Animation] by TehJadeh

A fan-favorite animation paired with a fan-made parody song. This one follows the story present in the song; also about the roommates DJ-Pon3 and Octavia. Emotional tones are difficult to pull off but this animation tells a dramatic tale very well. This one currently sits at over seven million views!

My Lego Pony: Dental student by AlStiff

Here’s a unique one! Ponies reimagined as LEGO figures. Some time ago there were rumors of a My Little Pony LEGO playset, but they were promptly quelled due to competition in the toy industry. We may never see a toyline of that nature, but that won’t stop fans like ALStiff from making these wonderful LEGO-inspired pony animations!

Ski Free – My Little Classics, Gaming is Magic by Yudhaikeledai

Ponies + nostalgic games + quality animation gives birth to this enjoyable short from Yudhaikeledai. It’s difficult to pick just one of their animations to feature, so be sure to check out the channel for more! This animator is also well-known for their The Ponies series which parodies The Sims game.

Snowdrop – MLP Fan Animation by SFS Animation

An emotional tale about a blind filly seeking meaning in her life. This animation takes place within the lore of the show although the timeline is well over a thousand years before the events we see on TV. It’s difficult to pull off a pony animation with such a serious and somber tone; in fact very few have been able to do what Snowdrop has done.

Chaotic Wedding by MrPoniator

MrPoniator is a prime example of a pony animator whose work needs to be binge-watched. While the channel isn’t very active now, back in the day MrPoniator was praised for being lightning quick to upload a new animation after every weekly episode. Such a feat remains largely unbeaten to this day!

Dan Vs FiM: Crayon Vision by FluffyMixer

FluffyMixer AKA “that guy who invented Fluffle Puff” is a long-time animator who has been making pony animations for more than five years and is still active as of this writing. Featured above is one of his older works involving a cross-over with the Dan Vs. show. Check out his channel and prepare to have your screen full of pink fluff making strange noises.

MLP: Tron (Cheer up,Fluttershy!) \ Animation by AlStiff

ALStiff was already featured above for his LEGO crossover animation but here’s another one worth your attention! This time, the crossover is with Tron. Ponies battling in 3D rendered environments never looked so good.

Derpy’s Christmas by alfa995

Another wonderful example of frame-by-frame animated ponies by alfa995. This is yet another example where you really should check out the channel for more, especially if you like seeing Derpy being cute.

Want It, Need It (Hold Me) by OmegaOzone

This one is an amazing shot-for-shot ponification of a music video from Delta Heavy. Replace a deceased pet with a beloved childhood toy and you have a strangely disturbing yet entertaining pony music video. This is yet another animator where you should check out the rest of their work on their channel. The original music video may be a tad intense for younger viewers but this ponification removes the blood and guts without sacrificing creep-factor; not an easy task!

【PMV】【Animation】 Shiny Happiness by Sαɱ Studio

Need something a little more upbeat after that last one? It doesn’t get any more upbeat than this! This animation is a pleasure to watch and there’s not much more to say than that.

Spitfire’s Day Off by CaptainHoers

No one makes animations quite like CaptainHoers! Minimal in design, excessive in enjoyability and quality. This is another channel that’s been making quality pony animations for many years and is still active as of this writing. Take a look!

Remembrance by Argodaemon

Pony animations with Source Filmmaker [SFM] are abound in the fandom. Some may say it’s a crime to only include one SFM animation on this list, but since we are including just one few would disagree that this is the one to feature! Argodaemon is one of the most popular pony SFM animators and his work speaks for itself. This one has a serious tone that will resonate most with long-time fans, but his channel is full of goofy fun stuff too!

This has been a semi-random tiny taste of the animation the brony fandom has to offer. If you’re interested in more, be sure to take a look at the individual videos’ channels. Another good place to look is the monthly Top 10 Pony Videos series.

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