The Largest Brony Conventions of All Time

Brony conventions have been staple of the fandom ever since we saw its very first growth spurt. Only the most dedicated of fans will spend the time, money, and effort to visit a con, but just ask any attendee and chances are they’ll tell you it was more than worth it. From meeting “internet-turned-irl” friends, to visiting panels & other events, to getting autographs from your favorite stars. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest brony conventions to have ever occurred!

Attendance data from Pony Cons. Check out their helpful spreadsheet for more information and data sources. Every annual con is not included in this list. If they were, BronyCon would take the spot each time!

Canterlot Gardens is the first on our list, and it’s also one of the earliest to see such success. While it is unfortunately their first and last convention due to lack of funds, Canterlot Gardens saw an amazing attendance count of over two-thousand. This is an extremely impressive figure for a 2012 con, as you’ll notice many other cons on this list are years later.

A notable guest of Canterlot Gardens is Andrew W.K. Known for being a hardcore partier, he had mentioned during a live stream that fellow partier Pinkie Pie is his favorite pony. With all the buzz within the fandom about a celebrity being a pony fan it only made sense for Canterlot Gardens to invite him as a guest!

Year: 2012
Attendance: 2,182
Location: Strongsville, OH

My Little Pony Fair 2015. This is a unique pony convention because the con actually predates the brony fandom! Originally created for previous generations of the franchise, the My Little Pony Fair quickly became another con to add to any brony’s annual list.

Featuring the usual convention attractions in addition to fun events for kids and fans of previous generations alike, My Little Pony Fair 2015 also saw well over two-thousand attendees!

Year: 2015
Attendance: 2,200
Location: Schaumburg, IL

BABScon aka Bay Area Brony Spectacular had its first event in 2014, and the very next year they saw record attendance of 2.6k people!

In addition to the usual convention goodness a notable event of BABSCon are the premieres of pony episodes. During the year of their record attendance they premiered season five  and more recently in 2017 the premiere of season seven was shown. It makes sense for pony conventions to show pony episodes, but this is in fact an endeavor involving many legal complications. It’s impressive that BABSCon was able to accomplish all this and more.

Year: 2015
Attendance: 2648
Location: Burlingame, CA

Everfree Northwest is not only one of the longest running cons but it’s also the second-largest brony convention overall. It has all of the usual attractions such as vendors, panels, music, etc while boasting an impressive guest lineup.

Year: 2016
Attendance: ~3,000
Location: Seattle, WA

Here it is. The largest brony convention of all time: BronyCon! As the name would imply this is the “OG” brony con with its very first event being hosted back in June of 2011. Originally called “BroNYcon” and hosted in New York City, they quickly outgrew each new venue they hosted an event at. The header image for this blog post is from their summer 2012 event in Secaucus, New Jersey. After packing that venue to the limit they settled on the Baltimore Convention Center in 2013. Their 2015 event was the largest brony convention ever with more than 10,000 attendees!

Year: 2015
Attendance: 10,011
Location: Baltimore, MD

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