My Little Pony is on the International Space Station

On January 9th, 2014 Princess Luna flew aboard a rocket and went to the International Space Station.

One year later Princess Celestia did the same and joined her aboard the ISS. Both pony princesses are now orbiting above our heads at this very moment.

No, this isn’t an excerpt from an Onion article. Sound too crazy to be true? Full story after the break!


While the event did make waves in the fandom when news first broke it has now been a couple years so it’s very possible there are many people who missed it. It all started when Reddit user SlightUnseen1337 made this post.

According to the post they’re an aerospace contractor working on a circuit board for a device reading “Thermal Management Module”.

Presumably without permission or oversight they ponified a circuit board by etching Princess Luna onto it. Although details are sparse presumably due to industry security and non-disclosure agreements there is very little doubt that this is an important component on the ISS. And it has a pony on it.

The post author provided a link to a NASA live stream and later updated the post with a YouTube recording titled “Orbital Sciences Antares Rocket Launches Cygnus Orb-1 Resupply Mission To ISS” for those wishing to watch the takeoff of the very rocket Luna was aboard.

View the original image album here:

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In the show Princess Luna [then called Nightmare Moon] was banished to the moon for her crimes and betrayal of her royal sister. Perhaps some day Princess Luna will actually make it to the lunar surface? You can be sure if there’s ever another mission to the moon there will be some brony somewhere that is contracting equipment for it.

But wait, there’s more!

Almost exactly one year later the same user made another similar post. This time the circuit board featured Luna’s sister, Princess Celestia. The device in question is not labeled like the previous one aside from “electronics” and a caution label, but it appears much larger. Four buttons can be seen on it suggesting this could be something the astronauts aboard the ISS directly interact with which is kind of an interesting thought.

Here’s the original image album:

To the Moon!

Once again the notion that bronies are “taking over the world” is strengthened although this time it extends a bit further than merely “the world” and out into the depths of space.

Let’s hope this is one piece of fan art Hasbro doesn’t issue a Cease and Desist letter for!

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