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My Little Pony: The Movie – What Could it Mean for the Fandom?

It’s finally happening.

After almost exactly seven years of the latest My Little Pony generation being on television, we’re finally getting a feature film!

My Little Pony: The Movie is sure to have a massive impact upon the fandom. Although the movie is probably already released by the time many of you read this, as of this writing the movie is set to come out in just four days.

Here are some of our pre-release thoughts and predictions about how the movie might affect the fandom; for better and for worse!

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Popular Brony Terms, Phrases, and Words – Glossary

The brony fandom has been around for many years and has hundreds of episodes to quote and reference. Because of this and the very nature of being an internet fandom, we have a lot of inside jokes and made-up words!

It can be overwhelming as a newcomer or even as a long-time fan to figure out the meaning and backstory behind our “bronyspeak language.” Lets explore some of the more popular terms, phrases, and words below!
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Where to Watch My Little Pony?

Whether you’ve been around the fandom for years or maybe you’re not even sure if you’re a part of it at all, knowing how to view our beloved colorful cartoon is imperative for any fan or potential-fan.

As of this writing My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is still airing and is showing no signs of stopping any time soon. It’s widely available both on TV and common digital platforms. Of course, not everyone has TV or lives in a country where the show is available.

Let’s take a look at all of the best places to watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic… below!

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Some of the Best Brony Songs Ever!

Whatisabrony.com is dedicated to introducing newcomers to the best the fandom has to offer, as well as helping bronies find content they might have missed.

Last time we listed off some of the greatest animations in the brony community. Today, we are going to take a look at another source of creativity coming from the fandom. Namely, the music. Our list will contain all kinds of songs ranging from fandom classics to unknown gems. With a variety of genres and styles this list is bound to contain something for everyone.

Our list… below!

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[WIAB Update] Weekly Episode Posts Going on Pause

Hey there. This is a quick update for any potential blog regulars.

As a brand-new brony blog we’re still trying to find our place in the fandom. One of the things we tried doing was provide weekly episode updates consisting of places to view new episodes followed by some thoughts on them.

We’re going to stop making these posts and focus more on standalone content like editorials, fun stuff, and news. It’s entirely possible we’ll return to weekly episode updates in the future though, but right now there are already so many other places that provide the same thing.

We welcome your feedback on Twitter or in the sidebar. Stay tuned!

Season 7: Episode 14 – Fame and Misfortune – Viewing Guide

Season 7 of My Little Pony is upon us! Last week’s episodes were viewed many weeks early thanks to our friends in Australia so many would consider THIS to be the first new episode of the mid-season premiere. We won’t go too heavy with spoilers but ponies arguing is always a fun premise because we get to witness their hilarious antics with full knowledge that they’ll all be friends again by the end.

This episode happens to be airing during the largest brony meetup in the world; BronyCon! Let’s hope those of us there right now can find a way to view it.

More information + places to watch the episode below!

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Season 7 Episode 13 – The Perfect Pear – Post-ep Roundup

The second episode of the mid-season premiere double-episode special! Also…one of the ones that aired early in Australia, which is kind of unfortunate considering how special this one is. This could very well end up being the biggest episode of the season regardless of the airdate confusion though!

Let’s take a look at the fandom’s thoughts below!

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